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Deep Tissue Massager

Developed with an enhanced motor for deeper tissue penetration:

10% stronger tissue penetration than HyperVolt

Six speed levels ranging from 1200 - 3300 rpm to provides relief to more people & body types.

Lower speed settings - Relaxes muscles & provides pain relief. Lighter massage is perfect for those with chronic pain issues.

Higher speed settings - Deep tissue massage for even the fittest athlete.


Five Head Attachments:

Large Round: For large muscle groups such as back, quads, glutes.

Dampener: For smaller muscle groups like biceps & calves. Also, for sensitive or bony areas that require a softer attachment.

Flat: Perfect for overall body & good for relaxing muscles. Also, good for smaller body areas, such as forearms, etc,

Bullet: Perfect for trigger points or to pinpoint specific areas.

Fork: This is used to work around a specific muscle group like the achilles tendon.

What's Included:

  • BodyGun Percussion Massager
  • Five Attachment Heads
  • Portable Carrying Case
  • AC Charger


Technical Specifications:

Travel friendly: TSA approved as a carry-on

Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Working Time: 3 Hours

Voltage: DC 21.6V

Capacity: 2500mAH

Full-charging time: 4 Hours

Speed: 1200-3300/min

Frequency: 1200/m 20Hz ~3300/m 55Hz

Amplitude: 12mm

Unit Weight: 1.15kgs

Brushless Motor: DC 24V/20W




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